At St Mary Multicultural ELC,  there is a great focus on technology, why?

Because our children are so interested and are so clever when it comes to technology! Since we introduced the Ipads and laptops in 2013, we have had great response and the children have displayed advanced skills in operating both items.

St Mary Multicultural Early Learning Centres provide:

  • Computers & Ipads to support the children’s learning in all age groups
  • An opportunity to explore new technology in an environment that is supportive of their efforts and enables them to “have a go”
  • Access to the internet (with appropriate supervision) which enables children to find information that supports a current interest when it matters the most.
  • Educational apps & programs enable children to explore literacy, numeracy & communication in a variety of mediums (the children recently been making their own cartoons with pictures & text in the Kinder room).
  • Digital Cameras to record those exciting constructions, art works & events that can’t be taken home. Children have the opportunity to take their own photos.
  • Networking between appliances within the centre enables the children to see themselves on TV or print their work without leaving the room
  • Tinkering table so the children have the opportunity to see how our everyday appliances work & what they look like on the inside
  • Ipads with programs that support our educators in maintaining daily records & checklists to ensure best practice at all times.

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