Involving Parents

At St Mary Early Learning, we are always delighted to receive feedback and welcome the involvement of our families, educators and local communities at our services.

Families are encouraged to be involved in the operation of the services and we respect their wishes regarding to the level of involvement.

Families and visitors are welcome at any time (please refer to OPEN DOORS). Parents and other family members are encouraged to share a cultural activity with the children such as craft, cooking or musical experience.

Special experiences are arranged during the year to allow all family members and other members of the community to participate in the service’s daily operation. e.g. Visitors from the local community to educate us about their roles, visit from families to share their favourite dishes, cultural education or share their family experiences with us.

Other activities which we strongly encourage parents to participate in are:

Family/Teacher Nights

Held every six months at the centre where parents can meet the centre staff and receive information about the progress of their child.

Family/Staff Committee

Meetings are held monthly, during which time Accreditation Principles, Centre Policies and general business is discussed and evaluated.

Family Suggestion Box

Located in the foyer whereby parents have the opportunity to provide the centre with any feedback.

Family Involvement Week

Annual Calendar of Events

Monthly Centre Policy and procedure reviews




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