Our Aim

At St Mary’s Early Learning we ensure all enquiries are welcomed by our educators and management. All visitors  are given a tour of the service during the normal hours of operation.

When a child is to be enrolled at our services, the following procedure is followed:

• Families complete the relevant enrolment forms before a child commences at the centre. Under no circumstances is a child to be in care at the centre without enrolment details.
• All other relevant documents accompanying the enrolment form are to be copied, e.g. Immunisation details, custodial papers, birth certificate etc. All children attending child care need to be immunised and need to keep their vaccination shots up to date.
• Management explains the new Child Care Subsidy scheme to new families and provide them with the relevant documentation if needed. Families are required to contact the Family Assistance Office (FAO) to get assessed for CCS eligibility.
• Management provides families with details of starting date, payment of fees and issue parents with a Family Information book about the centre.
• Children are enrolled at the centre in priority of families with exceptional circumstances or children at risk, working parents, and then non working parents. All parents are to acknowledge this and abide by this policy. If no positions are available at the centre, then the family will be referred to our nearest centre for enrolment.

Orientation is an important step on the journey with the following key areas of focus:
Once enrolled, new families and children are given the opportunity to spend a day at our service before their start date. This will provide the opportunity to introduce them to the educators of the room and familiarise with our environment and daily routines before commencing care at our service.

Management will also take the opportunity to show the family our centre’s philosophy, policies, procedures daily routine, weekly program, the sign in and out process, menus, family involvement and much more. During the settling in period, educators ensure the needs of each child and their families is met by openly communicating with them, introducing them to other children, parents and staff members and by making them feel welcomed and comfortable in their new environment. Each child’s routine needs are met to ensure a smooth transition

Educators communicate openly with families through conversation, phone calls, emails and daily diaries to keep families aware of how their child is settling in at the service. If the child is having difficulties settling in, this is discussed with the parents, and a plan is devised to support the child through the process.

The centre’s orientation process is flexible to ensure all families’ needs are met. Individual children may have a different orientation process tailored to suit their needs.

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