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Our new transition to School Program

Our management Team at  St Mary Multicultural Early Learning Centres have developed a new and extensive Transition to school program. The development process involved feedback from our local primary schools, early childhood educators, families as well as our local community to ensure we provide the best for our preschoolers.

Our aim is to prepare our children for the next big step in their lives, which is Kindergarten. We endeavor to make this transition as smooth and as successful as possible, ensuring each child reaches their full potential at their own pace.

Our highly qualified educators will engage our preschoolers in a range of learning experiences which will challenge their thinking, memory as well as language skills in fun and interactive ways. Our program also includes teaching the children 2 foreign languages though out the year, teaching how to play a range of musical instruments as well as implementing a fun & challenging Physical program once a week by an external service.

Please refer to the grid below for more information. Please note, each service will alter the program slightly to suit their children’s needs, family & community feedback as well as their local area dynamics.


Download our Transition to School Program 2015

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