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Daily Routine

General Outline of Daily Program 0-3 years old Age Group 7am Centre opens. 7am-8.30am Children start the day in the 0-3years room. During this time, we are engaged in combined free indoor/outdoor play. Older children assist educators in daily duties as we set up the environment & water our plants/trees indoors and outdoors. 8.30am-8.50am 3-5years children transition to own room. 8.50am Transition to morning tea. 9am-9.30am Morning tea, Children are encouraged to serve and feed themselves. 9.30am- 11.10am Transition outdoors (sun safety songs, alphabet songs, numbers, colours) Free indoor/outdoor play based on children’s interest & extended plans. If the weather is wet/too hot or too cold, we remain indoors and gross motor experiences are provided indoors or on verandah to encourage the children to use their larger muscles and be active. 11.15 am Transition indoors to prepare for lunch & rest time. Children wash hands, get their sheets from their bags and are encouraged to set up own bed. During this time we also reflect on our morning, what we enjoyed most and what we would like to do later on. 11.20am Lunch time Children have the opportunity to serve their own meals, fruit & water. Once they have completed their meals, they place their food scraps in our scrap bowl, stack plates and cups on lunch trolley. We use our food scraps to feed our worm farm. 12pm Transition to bathroom. Children sit on the transition mat while we sing or share our special news with peers. 12.15pm-1.30pm Rest & relaxation time Children are encouraged to sleep or just lay down on own beds while listening to relaxation music. Having a rest ensures our body and brain develops and grows well. Children who do not want to sleep are given books of choice to help them rest & relax their bodies while reading/looking at books. 1.30pm – 2pm Quiet activities. As children start to wake up, they are encouraged to pack away their sheets; put socks and shoes on, use toilet, then get involved in quiet activities while peers start to wake up. 2pm-2.15pm Intentional teaching/group time Educator and children discuss what we did in relation to calendar of events, what parents have suggested or group time discussions related to our topics of interest. 2.20pm Transition to afternoon tea time and sunscreen application. 2.30pm-2.45pm Afternoon tea. Children are encouraged to serve own meal 2.45pm-3pm Divided group times 0-2 years: nursery rhymes, simple counting, simple shapes, baby tummy times, peekabo games 2-3 years: Group time about colours, shapes, numbers & letters recognition as well as story telling time. 3pm-4pm Free indoor / outdoor play (depending on weather) 4pm Transition...

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